Release from Alcohol and Drug Abuse

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Our Release from Alcohol and Drug Abuse product underwent clinical testing funded by the National Institutes of Health containing over 900 human subjects. This research formed the basis for all of our Activlink programs. You can read the results of our groundbreaking research published in the Journal of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy by clicking HERE.

We recommend using this product along with the Activlink Trigger Messages while you wean yourself from alcohol and drugs over a minimum of a three-month period. Plan to purchase the Trigger message subscription that will be offered to you when you add this product to your shopping cart. Simply click on the Trigger Message product, read the description, listen to the sample, and order the product. You can cancel the subscription when you feel confident it has done its job. An Anchor Meditation program is included with your purchase that you can use whenever you wish to help relax along with the healing Activlink Hypnosis program and a Booster program to help your motivation.


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