Release Weight and Keep it Off!


“Release Weight and Keep it Off!” contains four separate hypnosis programs to be used over a four week period paired with our exclusive Activlink trigger messages.  The program comes with 10 discreet tracks.  There is a Anchor Meditation program that you can use whenever you wish to help relax.  Each weeks program has a short introduction audio that you only have to listen to once.  There is also a Booster audio we suggest listening to at the end of each day.  When you are ready to start, spend one week with each of the Activlink Hypnosis programs listed below, and then continue to use them whenever you wish:

    1. Week One – Food Consciousness
    2. Week Two – Body Consciousness
    3. Week Three – Emotions Consciousness
    4. Week Four – Relationship Consciousness

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Many have tried multiple diet programs and either lost weight and gained it back, or failed completely. Our programs are designed to move you through your blocks with comfort and ease so that you can release the weight you want to and keep it off!


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