Surgery Partner

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Surgery Partner™ is a must-have for the medical or dental procedures you have scheduled. Four separate Activlink hypnosis programs are included. Prepare your mind and body using the Before Surgery hypnosis, listen while undergoing your procedure even under general anesthesia to allow your body and mind to relax and cooperate using the During Surgery hypnosis, and switch to the Recovery Room Wakeup hypnosis immediately after your procedure. Then use the After Surgery Healing hypnosis in the days following your procedure to reduce pain and speed healing.  An Anchor Meditation program is included to help you relax whenever you wish.

Surgery Partner employs the very same technology we developed for our NIH-sponsored research conducted under our exclusive patented medical hypnosis technology. Those studies proved the efficacy of our technology for a variety of applications (click on Our Science to learn more).  Proven research shows that if you are having general anesthesia or local anesthesia, your subconscious mind listens to the hypnotic suggestions contained in this effective program and responds in significant ways. Check with your surgeon or anesthesiologist if you can wear your headphones or earbuds during your procedure – most are quite agreeable. We guarantee you will have a much better surgical experience and faster healing using this program or we will refund your purchase price.

3 reviews for Surgery Partner

  1. Rob Speigel

    Bill K., Des Plaines, IL – Aug 22nd 2014:

    I was scheduled for an unexpected surgery in April 2014. I wanted a surgical self-hypnosis track to listen to during the surgery as research shows how valuable positive affirmations can be during such a process. I purchased Mr. Speigel’s “bundle” a couple of weeks prior and found it to contain pre-, during, and post-surgical recordings. These became a great resource for me as the suggestions helped me to let go of my fears. I could set my mind and heart on what could serve me best throughout this process while releasing my concerns about the surgical team and other personal issues. Instead, I was able to trust everyone (including myself and my body) to do what they do best. I tell you true, not only did the surgery go off flawlessly, my recovery mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually has been peaceful and complete. Listening to the tracks on nights when I was most scared refocused my energies and attention on healing and trust, two elements most crucial to a successful outcome. I highly recommend and emphatically encourage anyone considering this product for themselves or a loved one to not hesitate and make this pittance of an investment in your (or their) mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It is one of the most important things I did for myself throughout my surgery experience. Peace and Blessings during your health journey, Bill K, Des Plaines, IL

  2. Rob Speigel

    Tom – Aug 26th 2014:

    I recently had my first surgery for repair of a tendon in my knee. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous about having anesthesia and also anxious to get back on my feet as quickly as possible.
    I purchased Surgery Partner based on a recommendation from a friend, who had used hypnosis to speed her healing.
    I started using the product 2 weeks before my surgery, and by the time the day arrived, I was mentally and emotionally ready for the procedure. My surgeon was supportive of me listening to the audio during the surgery, which helped me to remain calm and relaxed.
    Following the surgery, I was told everything went extremely well. I continued listening to Surgery Partner for 2 weeks, and enjoyed a rapid and stress-free recovery. In my post-up meeting with my Surgeon, he asked me what I had done to recover so quickly – he was amazed at the speed and extent of my healing. I truly believe that this product helped me to recover rapidly, and allow my body and mind to work together to heal me naturally.
    Tom from Seattle, WA

  3. Margaret Hammer

    In May of 2014 I had back surgery, at that time I did not know about Surgery Partner and was very stressed and anxious about the surgery. I ended up having a very difficult time and a long and painful recovery. Then I needed a second surgery about a year later! I was a wreck just thinking about it, Rob Speigel suggested Surgery Partner, I really didn’t know if something like that would help but figured it couldn’t hurt. I listened religiously before surgery and right after. I woke up feeling so much better than I had the first time!! I felt ready to go home. Unfortunately I had to have an emergency vascular surgery the very next day. I listened to Rob’s very soothing voice and was able to get through a very tough time. I kept listening after the surgery and was up and around and ready to go home in a few more days. I truly believe the difference was Surgery Partner!! Thank you Rob Speigel for suggesting it for me! I would highly recommend it for anyone facing a surgery! Peggy from Cleveland, Oh.

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