Birth Partner for Labor and Delivery

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If you are pregnant and expecting the birth of your child, this program is a must have. Three separate hypnosis programs, Labor and Delivery Rehearsal, Labor and Delivery, and Postpartum Healing, are included along with our complete Surgery Partner program if you have an emergency or planned Cesarean Section surgery. That program includes Before Surgery, During Surgery (to listen to while you are having the surgery) Recovery Room Wakeup, and After Surgery Healing.

We strongly suggest that you order the Activlink Trigger Messages to accompany the program. These reinforcing messages will be sent to you periodically during the day to bring back all of the calming and reassuring suggestions of the hypnosis.

It has been proven that when your subconscious mind listens to the hypnotic suggestions contained in this effective program, the anxiety and pain you might experience during stage one labor is significantly reduced. In addition, the use of pain medication can be significantly reduced or eliminated, the position of your baby can correct itself for proper delivery, and the likelihood of an emergency C-section can be reduced by 50%.

If you end up having an emergency or scheduled C-section, get permission from your midwife or OB/GYN to wear headphones during your procedure – most are quite agreeable. You are sure to have a much better labor and delivery experience and faster healing using this program.

SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Listen to the Rehearsal for Labor and Delivery (track 1) once per day in the days before you expect to go into labor 2. Start listening to the Labor and Delivery track (2) as labor begins. Make sure to put the track on “repeat”. Listen as long as you wish through your labor. 3. Begin listening to Post Partum Healing (track 3) once per day as soon after delivery as possible. 4. Listen to the Anchor Hypnosis (track 8) whenever you need to relax.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PLANNED OR EMERGENCY C-SECTION: 1. If possible, listen to the Before C-Section Rehearsal track (track 4) in the days prior to your C-Section 2. Ask your Anesthesiologist or surgeon to let you listen to During Surgery (track 5) while you are having your procedure. Set it     on to repeat for a long procedure. 3. Have someone play Wake Up (track 6) when you are moved to the recovery room. Have them set the track to repeat until you are fully awake. 4. Listen to the After Surgery Healing trackb(7) every day for two weeks after you go home 5. Listen to the Anchor Hypnosis (track 8) whenever you need to relax

2 reviews for Birth Partner for Labor and Delivery

  1. Rob Speigel

    Tamarind K – Aug 27th 2014:

    I listened to the birth partner program for the first time last night, the rehearsal track, and loved it! I’ve been feeling a little more anxious about labor as I’m getting closer to my due date and listening to the track last night was incredibly healing. In fact, a few of the images and phrases kept popping into my mind today. It was empowering and quite relaxing and once it finished, I immediately wanted to start it over again.
    Thanks so much for sharing this with me. I’m looking forward to using the rehearsal track as I prepare for this ‘blessed event’ and am happy to know I’ll be taking this great tool to the delivery room with me!
    Oh, and I forgot to mention that baby girl was super active all during the session. Perhaps it was just a coincidence in timing, but I wondered if perhaps she could sense the peacefulness of the track or my physical response to it as well!

  2. Rob Speigel

    Stephanie Ryland – Aug 28th 2014:

    I cannot say enough great things about this program. I listened to it leading up to and during the delivery of my second child. It transformed my experience. My first labor and delivery was very traumatic with a lot of unexpected, scary moments and decisions. Thank God my baby girl was healthy and I was fine physically but emotionally I was a wreck. In the third trimester I began to listen to this product by Mary Anne Speigel and instantly I was calmed and put at ease. At that moment I was pretty surprised as I hadn’t realized I was holding any tension. I felt so good and balanced after the first session I repeated it right away. Life is chaotic when pregnant but I made it a priority to listen to this as much as I could to calm myself and my baby. The thing I appreciated the most about the program was Mary Anne Speigel did not make the process of giving birth sound easy, she acknowledged the reality that it would be a lot of work and struggle but that it was a natural process and everyone would be safe. After having the experience of my first labor so intensely scary, this brought comfort that even if things went south again, I could remain calm and know we (baby Judah and myself) would be safe. I am happy to say that my labor and delivery went as smoothly as I could have hoped for and my son is perfect. I highly recommend this product to all expecting mothers.

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