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We are excited to launch our brand new website and blog.  We hope you find it interesting, informative, humorous, and thought provoking.  Please join us in conversations covering hypnotherapy, psychology, mind-body therapies, advances in neuro-science, and spirituality.  Please join us.


  1. Judi F

    I recently used the Activlink Surgery Partner mp3 system as a support tool in preparation for surgery and for the healing time afterward. I would highly recommend this product. The use of this meditation helped to calm me, particularly whenever my mind would spiral into scary places leading up to my surgery. Using the guided meditations and visualizations after surgery helped me to feel as if I was playing a very active role in my healing and recovery.

    To validate the calming effect this tool had on me; the nurse who took my blood pressure during my check-in before surgery was stunned at how low it was and commented that I was “certainly in a Zen place”. I truly felt that way.

    • Rob Speigel

      Thanks for your great review! Best of luck.


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