Of Endings and Beginnings


beloof: A mistaken personal belief, usually about oneself, that was created during a time of trauma, resulting in self-limiting behavior. 

Example: When I was three, and my brothers made me go on a scary ferris wheel ride, I formed a beloof that I couldn’t trust those closest to me.

We each create our own unique beloofs. As children we unknowingly form our beloofs to protect us from life’s pains and uncertainties. As adults, our beloofs no longer serve us; in fact, they can sabotage us.

Of Endings and Beginnings is up-close and personal, taking the reader on an edgy and captivating ride that depicts one man’s unconventional journey from being asleep to awakening, from pain to healing and transformation—from beloofs to truths!

3 reviews for Of Endings and Beginnings

  1. Byron

    I loved reading Rob’s book. It was at once touching and enlightening. He brings his personal life into focus as he goes through the journey of his coming of age and dealing with life’s upsets. The messages are very powerful. Teach peace.

  2. Cathy Simms (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable and quick read filled with insight and memorable examples. This autobiographical account of the very personal growth of a practicing therapist includes life experiences, family misadventures, and the impact of intensive therapeutic workshops. Robert Speigel’s book is filled with “alive” examples of significant growth events, both personal and generational. I couldn’t put the book down as I followed his life story.. Cathy Feb 27 2016

  3. Stan Simms

    touching – yet edgy look into the author’s personal life.

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