Trigger Messages – IBS Colitis

$9.00 / day

Activlink Triggers™ are contained in text messages you receive periodically during your day after you have listened to the IBS Colitis hypnosis program.  This patented method (Speigel Patent US5425699A) was proven to improve the outcome of audio delivered hypnosis in two separate studies funded by the National Institutes of Health (Speigel NIH Grants).

This subscription is for our Relief from IBS  Colitis program.  The purchase price for the bundle has been reduced $9, so your first month’s subscription is free.  After your first month, you will automatically be charged $9 per month until you end your subscription by texting “Stop” back to Activlink.  The first text message you receive will contain your instructions for how to set up your phone for receiving the messages.

Enjoy receiving your reinforcing Activlink Trigger Messages.  They are invaluable for your success!


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